Hey everybody Brian Hall here. Today I want to answer the frequently asked question – Who is qualified to work on electrical equipment? What truly qualifies a person is somebody who has good technical skills but they also have safety skills.

A qualified person must be formally trained and know how to keep themselves safe.  That’s important to understand as only qualified persons are allowed to work on energized electrical equipment.

The other
 day I’m reading an OSHA incident report

Two very skilled electricians are taking
 the cover off a 480 volt energized
 panel. When taking the cover off, a piece
 of metal inside the panel falls down
 into the panel, hits the energized bus
 bars and creates an arc flash. Both of
 these fellows received third-degree burns
 and spend multiple months in the
 hospital recovering from these very
 painful injuries.

Both of these
 fellows were highly skilled very
 experienced electricians. But, they 
certainly didn’t understand the hazards 
involved with working on energized 
electrical equipment. And that’s why in NFPA
 70e® the definition of a qualified person 
is really broken up into two parts:

 have to have strong technical skills but
, you have to be trained in what is known
 as safety-related work practices. You
 need to know when you’re faced with an
 arc flash hazard. Do you need to wear our
flash PPE? Do you need to use insulated 
tools? Do you need to use insulating

So, if you attend BCH Electrical Safety Training, we’re going to have 
interactive and customized training. We’re going to provide you with all the 
safety-related techniques that you need
 to be qualified.

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