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Arc flash gloves: Understanding the differences can save a life

Arc flash gloves: Understanding the differences can save a life

By Brian Hall The following article on arc flash gloves is featured in the July issue of ASSE's Professional Safety Magazine. No other piece of electrical PPE has likely saved more lives than gloves. Electricians must often place their hands in energized electrical...

Arc Flash Electrical Safety Tips

Taking Care of Your Electrical PPE

NFPA70E article 130.7(B) Care of Equipment discusses the basic requirements for the care and maintenance of electrical personal protective equipment. Because this equipment may save a life one day it is important that it is stored in such a way to protect it from...

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Layering of arc rated clothing

Wearing arc rated clothing over the top of other arc rated clothing is commonly referred to as layering. Layering can be an effective way of increasing protection from arc flash hazards while providing a higher level of employee comfort. However, the layering of arc...

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Why do I need an Arc Flash Study?

Here is a little background about the guidelines we work with. They will help explain why you need an evaluation: Rozel's service proposals are written in accordance with the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association's standard NFPA 70E. This is the...

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Arc Flash Obvious Areas for Concern

There are some obvious areas that typically result with high arc flash hazards.  When we walk through a facility for the first time, we will notice these areas and immediately realize that we may soon be applying a sticker indicating a high arc flash value. Where are...

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