Rozel, established in 2010, supplies companies arc flash evaluations and electrical safety training 

Rozel Principals
Managing Partner: Adam Brooks, PE
Managing Partner: Jeff Kerscher, PE, CESCP
Director of Sales: Joe Weissenburger

Director of Electrical Safety Training: Brian Hall

Arc Flash Studies and Evaluations

Rozel evaluates how large an electrical arc flash could be. We determine incident energy levels and arc flash protection boundaries. Our team labels equipment to warn those nearby of the hazards associated. We make recommendations to help lower the hazards or decrease the likelihood of hazards occurring. For more on arc flash studies and evaluations see

Electrical Safety Training

OSHA requires that employees or contractors that work on electrical equipment must be properly trained. This includes seemingly simple tasks of testing, troubleshooting & voltage measuring. All employees performing tasks near electrical equipment can be at risk of arc flash or shock related injuries.

BCH Safety partners with Rozel to offer Onsite, Online and Open Enrollment electrical safety training classes. Each is optimized with interactive exercises for greater effectiveness and follows NFPA 70e® safety guidelines.

Experienced and Qualified Electrical Safety Course Instructors

Our safety course instructors are highly vetted, qualified and trained by Director of Electrical Safety Training, Brian C. Hall CESCP. Brian has extensive training and qualifications as an electrical instructor in the demanding nuclear industry.  He applies this experience and background in adult education, plus 30 years of industrial electrical maintenance experience to the training of his instructors and customization of individual classes, resulting in much higher engagement and retention of the material.

Rozel’s training services, powered by BCH Safety, has trained hundreds of workers, engineers and managers in electrical safety techniques. We also create proprietary Electrical Safety Policies for companies as needed.

2018 brought new opportunities with BCH Safety joining forces with Rozel, an engineering firm specializing in arc flash analyses.  Rozel has a proven track record of professionalism and experience.  Together, BCH Safety and Rozel are teaming up to bring unparalleled electrical safety services to the Untied States and beyond.

“Different people from different backgrounds absorb these principals uniquely.

There are lives on the line, so we customize the training to the particular audience to make sure they’re able to get back home to their families safely each day.”
— Brian Hall, Director of Electrical Safety Training

Brian Hall - nuclear trained and certified electrical safety instructorWhat Does It Mean To Be “Nuclear Trained and Qualified”?

To be trained and qualified in the nuclear industry, one has to go through a stringent training and testing process. Every aspect of NFPA 70e® (the OSHA-approved electrical safety guideline training guide) is taught and put into practice. Regulations in the nuclear power field leave no margin for error as thousands of lives depend on complete compliance.

Nuclear trained and qualified BCH Safety director, Brian Hall CESCP, utilizes these standards and practices with his team, ensuring clear, comprehensive teaching of these complicated electrical training concepts to students resulting in higher standards of safety for our clients.


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Qualifications include:

  • NFPA Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional (15-136)
  • National Academy for Nuclear Training Electrical Instructor
  • Institute of Nuclear Power Operations Qualified Electrical Maintenance Supervisor
  • Over 30 Years for of experience in the electrical field