BCH Electrical Consulting

Brian C. Hall | President, CESCP

Nuclear Trained and Qualified Electrical Safety Course Instructor

Brian’s extensive training and qualifications at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant have provided him the experience to teach safety protocols at a very high level of effectiveness to anyone in the manufacturing industry. Additionally, his background in adult education has given him insight into customizing his training to the individuals in a particular class, resulting in much higher engagement and retention of the material.

Brian has trained hundreds of workers, engineers and managers in electrical safety techniques. He also creates proprietary Electrical Safety Policies for companies as needed.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my many years of training, it’s that different people from different backgrounds absorb these principals uniquely. There are lives on the line, so I make sure that I customize the training to the particular audience, so that it’s ingrained and they’re able to get back home to their families safely each day.” — Brian Hall

Brian Hall - nuclear trained and certified electrical safety instructorWhat Does It Mean To Be a “Nuclear Trained and Qualified Electrical Instructor”?

To be trained and qualified in the nuclear industry, one has to go through a stringent training and testing process. Every aspect of NFPA 70E (the OSHA-approved electrical safety guideline training guide) is taught and put into practice. Regulations in the nuclear power field leave no margin for error as thousands of lives depend on complete compliance.

Brian Hall has completed hundreds of hours of additional higher level educational classes which enables him to teach complicated electrical training concepts in a clear and easy to understand format.


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Brian’s qualifications include:

  • NFPA Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional (15-136)
  • National Academy for Nuclear Training Electrical Instructor
  • Institute of Nuclear Power Operations Qualified Electrical Maintenance Supervisor
  • Over 30 Years for of experience in the electrical field

Electrical Preventive Maintenance

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