Fundamentals of Electrical Maintenance On Site Training Class

Certified electrical training by BCH Electrical Safety Consulting An electrical technician who can systematically troubleshoot and safely repair their plant’s equipment will ultimately add to their organizations’ bottom line.

Rozel provides certified electrical safety training that is customized and interactive – providing your workers with a very high retention rate. Workers with proper electrical training keep plant operations and equipment running smoothly.

The costs of not having properly trained electrical technicians

The untrained technician unnecessarily replaces costly parts, must wait for technical support from engineering, the supervisory staff, or the equipment manufactures’ support organization. This wastes valuable time and money. In some cases, the equipment gets damaged because parts are installed incorrectly, or the workmanship is substandard.

Rozel has designed a course that will give your technicians the skills and knowledge they need to become safe and technically proficient. This two-day course begins with fundamental electrical concepts and ends with advanced electrical maintenance theory and troubleshooting skills. To get started, fill out the form below!

Who Should Attend

This is a hands-on course is taught by Brian Hall, a nuclear industry trained and qualified electrical maintenance instructor. Brian has designed the course to specifically meet the needs of electrical technicians, supervisors, managers and engineers who are directly responsible for the repair, maintenance and troubleshooting of industrial plant electrical equipment.

Class description: 
Each class is 8 hours.
Schedule: Additional classes (same day only) can be added at half price

Brian C. Hall - Owner, Head Instructor of BCH Electrical Safety Consulting. Cleveland, Ohio

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Class curriculum

Learning Objectives – Day 1

Explain and apply electrical concepts

  • Volts, Amperes, Ohms, Watts
  • Ohm’s law
  • Electromagnetism
  • Mutual Inductance
  • Circuit Construction
  • Basic troubleshooting techniques

Explain the operation, safe use, limitations and maintenance of test instruments

  • Volt /Ohm meters
  • Current measuring meters
  • Insulation Resistance Testers (Megohm meter)

Explain the operation and maintenance Circuit Components

  • Switches
  • Contactors and Relays

Interpret commonly used electrical drawings

  • Identify symbols of electrical components
  • One-line drawings
  • Ladder diagrams
  • Schematic diagrams
  • Build common circuits using drawings (hands-on exercise)

Circuit Protection devices

  • Fuses – Types, Construction, Ratings, Maintenance requirements
  • Circuit Breakers – Types, Operation, Maintenance requirements
  • Motor Over-load protection devices – Types, Operation, Maintenance requirements

Learning Objectives – Day 2

3-phase A.C. Motor maintenance

  • Operating principals of an induction motor
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Troubleshooting techniques (hands-on exercise)

Motor Controllers

  • Components
  • Operation
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Build and troubleshoot motor control circuits (hands-on exercise)

Transformers for industrial applications

  1. Single phase control transformers
    • Construction/operation/common circuit construction
  2. 3-Phase power transformers
    • Construction/operation/useful calculations

Torque applications for electricians

  • Fastener Identification
  • Tool types and settings
  • Torque values for electrical assemblies

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